Michaela Schrandt-Reitz

Michaela has extensive experience in the areas of coaching, prevention and health.

More than 10 years ago she founded ProEntspannung. Since then she has been self-employed as a relaxation teacher and Pilates trainer, successfully advising clients and companies. Michaela Schrandt-Reitz works with leading health insurance companies, she is a (guest) lecturer at a private university (Master’s degree in Business Psychology) and trains young people in relaxation techniques for a renowned academy.

In addition to organising seminars, workshops and health days, she performs relaxation activities “to go” in an education centre of a supra-regional trade union. The qualification as QMF-SDL – quality management specialist for social service providers rounds off her profile.

Michaela Schrandt-Reitz is certified at the Central Prevention Testing Laboratory.

Her motto: „If you can´t find peace within yourself, it`s futile to look for it elsewhere.“

Francois de La Rochevaulcoult