You want to use the opportunity to learn more about yourself? With the help of scientifically based analysis tools of the diagnostics-based personality development, you can get clarity. What are your potentials and what is easy for you? What slows you down and what robs unnoticed your energy? What are your short, medium and long term challenges? Where are potential conflicts hidden? What do the findings of your personality profile mean in the corporate context?

As an accomplished expert in diagnostic-based coaching and training, I support you in identifying, using and improving your potential.


Individual coaching
Take individual coaching and learn more about untapped potential.
Application training
Get ready for an application or assessment center with me, tailor-made for you. Together, we use the strengths of your very own personality traits.
Career advice
You need a new upswing for your career or a new career goal? Be advised on your career choices, discover new directions and find your own way.
Executive coaching
How do you lead a team at eye level? Learn a new and modern leadership style, where you can recognize the potential of your employees and make good use of it for the whole team.
Personality development
Application training, career counseling, presentation and rhetoric training, voice and language training. Get holistic advice and discover your strengths and weaknesses. Use these to your advantage.
Life balance advice
Are your intentions and goals currently out of joint? Find a balance in your life again.