Health leadership and health management

Challenges and solutions in a changing world of work

Healthy leadership or “health leadership” is the name given to a healthy, inspiring and motivating leadership culture that gives meaning and value orientation to the organizational unit. Mindful, resilient and focused management means giving structure, reliability and security to all involved.

Healthy leadership holistically recognizes the existing additive as well as reluctant motivational and value structures and devotes particular attention to the subject area of ​​stress and stress management. The focus here is on one’s own personality as well as working groups (teams) and organizational units. Especially with regard to the working world 4.0 and its challenges, theories of faith, measurable resistance to pending change processes and the perception of oneself and others are measured by means of scientifically sound diagnostic analysis tools. The aim is to derive concepts of sound leadership and to be able to bind employees to the organization in the long term.