From the individual to the group

Troops, Teams, Communities and Piles of people. Personalities are different and we meet diversity everywhere. This can be both a blessing and a curse in the different constellations. Which characters, point of views and behaviors fertilize and complement each other and which ones hold a conflict potential?

Experience in the various consulting areas has shown us many times over the past few years that the very health of a group and its members is one of the key success factors for achieving corporate goals. It can be demonstrated that the performance of a healthy group is always greater than the sum of the individual services of its members. In our seminars and workshops we promote and demand an open communication culture. The holistic approach and examination of the individual and diverse motivational value structures as well as behavioral preferences create transparency, understanding and acceptance of the counterparts.

Team development, team coaching, team training
What potential do you identify in your team? Where do you see strengths and weaknesses? How do you work together?
Sales training and sales seminars
How do you sell properly? Learn how to motivate and sell according to type. Let yourself be coached: communication training, performance and media coaching, supervision of executives.