Alexander W. Reitz

Alexander is your experienced expert for Health Leadership. After a successful track record in the industry, the business economist and certified coach set up his own company ReitzNavigation – Academy for Personality, Health and Leadership.
With 360° Health Leadership, presents an innovative holistic concept that combines measurable, transparent and sustainable personality development, health management and leadership.

Reitz is not only a skipper on the water. Together with his clients, he also navigates through the various facets of personality and dives into health management with their company. Leadership is for him appreciative leadership through personality – the art of inspiring and motivating people.

This closes the circle of the holistic 360° Health Leadership Concept.

Reitz clarifies: “For me, health is the greatest good and therefore not negotiable”. His clients include numerous national and international companies and organizations. With performance, passion and excellence, Reitz delves deeply into the individual personality and company DNA in order to (pre-)think for his customers independently, with enthusiasm and ease. He relies on openness, appreciation and respectful treatment. He develops an interaction with his customers when he considers it to be necessary in the interests of people and companies. Together with his team, he continuously uses all his senses to offer his customers new directions.

His credo: “Only those who have a great understanding for people
and love them can create unique success together with them. “