Develop Health

Develop Health

How do you feel?

How is your company doing?

Where do you place yourself in the future?

Have you ever thought about this in connection with your health?

We are convinced that health is not negotiable! To live this belief, we need an external impulse from time to time to be active. For us, developing health means sharpening our own perception and relying on our own gut feelings. This trust in ourselves is better developed when we are in harmony with our environment. This depends on how we fit ourselves in the world. This is best achieved when you live your passion(s). How do you get into your health flow? Harmonize and manage your resources and influence factors and external stimuli. We support you with innovative strategies that easily stimulate your (company) resilience and performance. Adjust your salutogenetic look. Bring freshness to your health.

Healthy – present – motivated


Occupational Health Management

“Man must know three things to live well:
What too much for him, what too little for him
and what’s right for him.”

Proverb of the Swahili

This wisdom is known to innovative leaders. They establish effective health promotion. They are aware of the synergy effects of healthy, efficient employees and the increases in productivity of the organization. An integrated OHM strengthens the corporate culture, the relationship climate of an organization and improves leadership skills through mindfulness. The implementation of occupational health management is the key to success and part of the living culture of the organization.

How health is created – salutogenesis

There are many diseases and only one health. According to Aaron Antonowski, health always arises when meaningfulness, comprehensibility and manageability are given and in harmony. What does this mean in detail?

Meaningfulness: My efforts and my commitment to my lifestyle, my goals and projects make sense to me and are worthwhile.

Understandability: My world, my views and my reality are understandable, coherent and arranged for me. I understand tasks, problems and burdens in a larger context (meta level).

Manageability: I can cope with the tasks I am given. I use both internal and external resources and therefore successfully master my life’s tasks. Invest in your health, motivation and performance – for yourself and your employees.

The three pillars of health – nutrition, exercise, relaxation

Those who lead themselves responsibly know their own limits and their individual mix of nutrition, exercise and relaxation. These three pillars promote and maintain your health. The best fuel is vital nutrition, exercise is pleasure in endurance, strength, mobility, coordination and fast reaction. After the tension comes the relaxation, because in the calm lies the strength. Strength is born in calmness.


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